Charlie Brown Cafe Malaysia


I finally had the chance to drop by Charlie Brown Cafe last Saturday after going through a Bake At Sugar session.

Both Sugar and Charlie Brown Cafe are located at the 1st floor of Straits Quay, Penang.

The setting of Charlie Brown Cafe brings back a lot of memories when i used to watch them when I was small. It had an impact in me that till today I use some characters name as my nick :)

As the cartoon has made an impression that could last a lifetime, i wouldn’t say the same for the cafe.

The service was little slow and I just didn’t like how things were managed. The excitement that was built over the month when I saw the phrase Coming Soon, went down the drain almost instantaneously.

The food and beverages were nothing to shout about. It was those typical cafe style kinda menu. Nothing special.

I asked Angeline if she would drop by again and she gave a disappointing “no”. I would have answered the same.

I am better off hanging out at Old Town or even Starbucks.



  1. Sounds very disappointing. Such a waste, because if you judge that coffee or cappuccino you’re having, it looks very presentable for me.

  2. I love charlie brown and Peanuts, Anyway, is that cafe really serves coffee that way? it really looks cute! But as you said there is nothing special on that cafe better not to drop by. Sometimes we are fooled by titles and advertisement and found out later services and food is not good.

  3. the coffee looks cute….it looks like it could put a smile on your face and lift you up when you are feeling down. :)

  4. Sometimes looks and names can be deceiving, but if you are new on that place, you won’t hear reviews. Anyway just charge it to experience. The look of the coffee is so enticing.

  5. look fantastic, the interior design so simply and yet elegant. im so blessed and thankful that i visit your site…thanks..