A short getaway to Laos


Every trip we ever had were all planned at least 8 to 12 months ahead. But buying the flight tickets has been rather spontaneous.

Of course we would see if it’s feasible in the first place, especially now that we are planning for our big day.

We never had Laos in our main traveling list. We couldn’t get the Vietnam tickets at the ever so cheap Airasia promos and so we opted for Laos.

I have to admit that the last few trips never got my fullest attention because of work.

Ever since I shifted back to Penang, the focus has been my work. I am just not in my usual environment where I can be fiddling with machines and equipments that are rarely seen out of a lab.

Laos is similar to Cambodia and Thailand but more laid back.

Emails took forever to be replied and in the end I took the chance of walking in rather than booking prior to the trip.

I could only do that because I knew the people traveling with me well.

Well enough that, we took a almost broken van from Medan to Lake Toba in one of the most torturous rides in my life !

6 hours of bone breaking ride.

For this trip we had 7 kakis that needed a time off from work.


They are Angeline, Emily, Vingie, Jess, Colleen, Aaron and yours truly.