Bittu joins the family

Sergeant Bittu makes it to the internet

It has been a long time dream for my dad to own a dog, especially after having 2 dogs back in the days of Ipoh. We just couldn’t afford to keep one here in Penang due to space constraint at home.

We eventually shifted many years to a new home and finally this year, after we have settled down well, my sis and i surprised my dad with this fella you see above.

It was Father’s Day when Bittu arrived.

We walked into a nearby pet store and my sis had her eyes locked on to a brown toy poodle who was fast asleep. Upon inquiry, we were told that the fella was already sold to a couple before us.

Out of nowhere, this white fella jumped into the scene and ran towards us!

I was stunned …

… and my sis said, “OMG he is so adorable! Look at his pinky nose”.

There and then a bond was made and Bittu followed us home.

My dad got a shock when he saw a white furball with short little legs running around the living area.

The whole family was in joy seeing a new addition to the family.

My mum has never being so keen of having pets.

“Why should we have a pet when you can’t even take care of yourselves?”

Her usual statement since the beginning of time.

Now that we are all grown ups, it don’t really apply. Well at least not to me.

Bittu had a hard time with mum.

He tried quite hard to win for her affection …

… but it has always fall on deaf ears.

The closest he has got to her attention was being chased by a rolled up newspaper out of the kitchen which isn’t what he expected.

Everyday as i prepare to go for work, Bittu sits at the same position until i leave in my car.

He also awaits at a similar position when i return.

Recently, he took up a notch by banging on my door sharp at 8am. My iPhone Alarm is now used as a back up alarm.

My parents are always in awe when they see him wake up at 7.50ish and walk to my room door to do his customary bang. If i don’t respond to the sound, he actually growls and followed by him barking.

Being a home dog, Bittu rarely interacts with outsiders unless we have visitors. This has made him to bark at strangers who come nearby our front gate.

A few months back, 2 guys jumped into our porch probably to break in but they decided to grab our shoes instead when Bittu started barking.

It was hard to believe what he has just prevented, especially for a small size dog. We replayed our CCTV and yes the fellas that broke in did do an about turn when Bittu barked.

Since then i have extended his name to Sergeant Bittu. Not that i call him that all the time but i thought it fits well since he love patrolling. Mum has also then opened up to him. In fact now he loves playing fetch with mum.

I recorded this a few days ago when we tried to tease him by placing one of his toys on a table. Never expected anything from him and i thought he would just bark at us until we return the ball to him.

I thought wrong.



  1. I have a little doggie.
    Worth more than anything in the world.
    She doesn't take up lots of room.
    Just barely weighs six pounds.

    Bravery & courage fills this little dog.
    She lets everybody know.
    That come what may, she will protect.
    Me from both friend and foe.

    Selected as I am to know.
    Her day belongs to me.
    And highs and lows will match my moods.
    Six pounds of empathy.

    But still she cuddles in my lap.
    And hides if she is snubbed.
    Or does a silly little trick.
    To get her tummy rubbed.