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Penang Heritage Food Trail: Soul Kitchen Trattoria

I am gonna be frank here. I have always heard about Soul Kitchen but never had the chance of dropping by, simply because i was rooted to KL for the last few years. 2011 however was different. I was back in Penang and when i was told that the 1st stop for Penang Heritage was Soul Kitchen, i was ecstatic.

I checked out their Facebook page before hand and true enough when i arrived there, i was greeted by the beca and the owner’s new bike. Located at Muntri Street, it’s hard to miss this place if you are coming from either Love Lane or Penang road.

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Michele and Tonio who run this place are not your usual couple you would see in cafes. They are a Malaysian German couple who met in Munich and ended up getting married here in KL before setting up this business. As i was walked into this cafe i could sense on why they called it Soul Kitchen. It was cosy, every where you look it was eye catching and not forgetting both Michele and Tonio who were kind enough to introduce the place as well as the food that would be served.

Soul Kitchen Trattoria

The place itself looks cosy. By any chance do you what’s the meaning of Trattoria? Its an italian-style eating establishment. there are generally no printed menus, the service is casual.

Part of the menu is already available to be seen from the greenboards itself and if you are spoiled with choices, simply ask them for recommendation :D

As we waited for them to prepare the different dishes for us, we wasted no time snapping picture of the place. We had 2 hours to explore the place as well as to review the food prepared.

Pasta Salmon – Fresh salmons with mustard cream sauce. The thing about salmon would be the smell, it definitely has to be fresh to enjoy it and pasta salmon checked every box right. Fish lovers should give this a try.


One of us decided to bring out the mother of all cameras, an iPad 2 to snap the dishes, lol.

Pasta Chicken al Limone – consists of chicken cubes marinated with lemon juice and white wine, slices of capsicums, herbs, carrot and also parmesan cheese. Of all the pastas, this was my favourite.

Pasta Salsiccia – Comprises of homemade pork sausages with fresh tomatoes. If you would prefer something lighter than Pasta Camo, then you can opt for this. Of course do take note again that Pasta Salsiccia comes with pork.

Pasta Sardella - Anchovies, fresh tomatoes, capers and olive oil

Pasta Como consists of goat cheese and white wine, bacon with some cut chillis. Every single pasta here was unique in its own rich flavour.

Pizza Parma Ham – Came out as a surprise to me. The usual pizzas are round with fixed amount of ingredients. This however is more homely done. The crust is how i like it, thin. This pizza has ham, parmesan cheese and garnished with rocket salad.

Pizza Gorgonzola with Pears – Now who would thought about pears being on pizzas? If you want something different from the usual pizzas you always see, why don’t you try this out. Good for 2 pax.

Fish Soup – Now this is something different. It has different types of fillet fishes in it with prawns. On top of that, it has freshly cut potatoes and carrots.

Dried Tomato Salami Entree – Salami, dried tomatoes, rocket salad and mushrooms. I made a mistake here thinking it was all to be eaten randomly. I was wrong. You are suppose to eat all 4 ingredients at one go and that will set off your taste buds.

We then were given a short break before the dessert.


The tiramisu was a great way to end the meal and it was personally prepared by Michele.

Soul Kitchen Trattoria

Address: 102 Lebuh Muntri, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact: 04-261 3118 / 012-594 3522 (Michele/Tonio)
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.30pm-9.00pm
Weekends: 10.00am-2.30am, 6.30pm-9.00pm
(Closed Tuesday)