Poured RM100 worth of petrol, paid RM50

Yeap, you read that right. No this is not a scam nor some sales pitch. It was just one of those days when everything goes better than expected.

Angeline and i spent about 2 hours discussing locations on photo shoot with the bridal house and it was time to meet up with Jess Lim aka BlurJess aka The Lonely Pork of Porkless Land. She was in Penang for a day or two and we wanted to catch up with her.

Along the way, i had to make a quick pitstop to refuel and that’s when the above titled incident took place.

I did the usual.

Parked my car, walked to the machine, realized i didn’t bring my card.

Walked to the counter instead and gave two RM50 notes and my Bonuslink card.

The attendant then signaled to me that i could start refueling. As i hit the RM100 mark, i walked back to the counter to get back my Bonuslink card.

“Ada satu ringgit?” the attendant asked me. For some reason, i took out one ringgit without thinking and i was given back┬ámy Bonuslink card but i also got back one RM50 note. Being all confused, i tried asking the attendant what’s with the RM50?

Instead he showed me his screen and it indicated my pump poured RM49 and he then said, “Next” and served the next customer.

I was already in a hurry to meet up with Jess and decided to walk back to my car. As i got in, Angeline asked,”What’s that you are holding in your hand?”.

I didn’t answer cause i was in a state of blurness to the max. Started my car and drove off.

“I don’t know why but i was given back RM50 after giving RM 1 to the attendant,” i told her.

The short drive to Jess’s place was total silence cause we were trying to figure out why RM49 when my tank showed:

Estimated Cruise Range 623km.

That’s full tank.


  1. wowwwwwww, so goooooood. thanks to me right…cz u're in a rush to meet me.
    jz get to read this post. haha, aper ni Lonely Pork of Porkless land! I'm no longer staying there..jz work ok :P