It has been a while …

The past one and half years I have been neglecting my blog and this coincides with me returning to Penang as well the boom of micro blogging platforms like Twitter, Instagram to name a few.

The main reason for returning to the island of char koay teow was to basically realign my future and that involved another party, Angeline.

Marriage was ought to be the topic especially when you are closing on to the big three zero. With the world speculated to end somewhere in the near future, I threw in the towel and popped the question, right at her car porch, with her dad and sister over hearing.

It was probably one of the most physically challenging action that I had to do, to kneel.

We have recently sealed the deal and now we are both waiting to be culturally claimed as husband and wife and that’s no easy feat.

I mean like seriously!

I never knew a piece of cloth like the Indian “wasteeee” could fetch as high as a thousand ringgit.

My eyes almost popped and that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

If I have the time, I will be sharing more on the process till the day both cultural weddings take place. Pretty sure it’s gonna be one colorful week!

As to my friends who has repeatedly asked about my write ups on the places I have been so far, I thank you for bugging me over and over again. I will soon be finishing my Philippines series continued with the most recent Philippines trip as well.

Stay tuned and before I forget, 2013 is going to be another awesome year for traveling!