Penang Heritage Trail 049

Penang Heritage Food Trail: Joyous Cafe

Joyous Cafe is an adorable looking cafe on Union Street which provides full month packages with customized baby cards, customized selection of box designs. All packages are easy to deliver right to your doorstep. Besides that, they are also selling healthy fruit juices and snacks….

Penang Heritage Trail 002

Penang Heritage Food Trail: Soul Kitchen Trattoria

I am gonna be frank here. I have always heard about Soul Kitchen but never had the chance of dropping by, simply because i was rooted to KL for the last few years. 2011 however was different. I was back in Penang and when i…


Charlie Brown Cafe Malaysia

I finally had the chance to drop by Charlie Brown Cafe last Saturday after going through a Bake At Sugar session. Both Sugar and Charlie Brown Cafe are located at the 1st floor of Straits Quay, Penang. The setting of Charlie Brown Cafe brings back…

bang wall

Roti apa kamu mau?

I was waiting in front of a stall for my roti naan to be done when I was suddenly greeted by a small kitten right in front of me. It kept purring which got the attention of one of the fellas from the stall. He…

Haeun Khon Restaurant

Korean Restaurant gets invaded by Thai Villager

It was more than 2 weeks ago that some of us decided to drop Amcorp Mall to pay a visit to Joey’s stall. He was selling some items from his shop which is based in Kelantan. Before we went there, we had lunch at Haeun…