2011 going to 2012

2011 was the year where I was the least productive on my blog. You can go through the entries and realized there were barely 20 post. 2012 on the other hand will be a year where I will be documenting more entries as I will…

Tumblr on iPhone

Do you Tumblr?

I came across this platform quite sometime back but it never clicked me to use it as i am always on the go and i needed something on my phone which was fast enough to punch away and attach photos if possible. Then i was…


An award for my blog or April Fools Prank?

Yesterday i had the chance to be at the Sepang F1 Circuit for a tour around Vodafone McLaren Mercedes garage thanks to Lenovo Malaysia. Basically it’s to highlight how Lenovo has been integrated into the team and it’s definitely an eye opener. That i will…

final three

Malaysian Dream Girls – My take on the final three

I was at the MAS training center last Friday for their Cabin Crew Experience and it was blardy awesome ! i had the chance to be in Business and First class as well as slide down the emergency slide and be on the life raft….

Arigato Lasker & Elise

Thank you to the Saw Family

By direct orders from Miss Cheah, i was told to thank Lasker and Elise. I don’t have the faintest clue on the occassion but i am gonna try my best. Lasker and Elise ….. Thank you for the angpow that i am receiving for next…