Best Camera App for iPhone

Recently some one asked me what do i use to snap my recent photos. It’s not like I am promoting Phone but it’s the only mobile device I have as of now and of course with the vast Applications available in the AppStore, it has…

Jogjakarta Points

Yogyakarta Day 1: The arrival

After our Cambodian invasion last year, we decided to make this trip a yearly event which consist of countries from South East Asia (have to keep budget low to pay for PTPTN XD ). To make matters more interesting, Ai Ling suggested to make it…


Malu-ation at KLIA

I was on my way back from Penang after having a one week break to distress myself and just as i stepped back into KL, i was stressed out all over again.

Sungei Wang

Fashion Weekends

When my mum calls it’s either to inform me what one of my siblings have achieved or to ask when i am coming home @_@ And this time it was about my youngest brother … MUM: You brother appeared in the papers again … (local…