Genting Trip

Genting Trip on Nuffnang Pajama Party Day

Earlier i was really looking forward for the Nuffnang Pajama Party till the elections were announced to be on the very same day. That made the people over at Nuffnang to push it to the following week which coincidently clashed with my Genting trip. On…

Celcom University

Welcome to Celcom University

I was walking towards the bank to withdraw money for the week and i got a shock on how the whole campus was invaded by Celcom advertisements. Every where the head turns there’s definitely an ad of Celcom. The zebra crossing had a makeover too….


Not the usual Deepavali

Deepavali this year was a bit different. My family decided to come down to KL and spend the weekend with me and my sister instead of us going back. So knowing that both of us won’t be back anytime soon, mum packed tonnes of cookies….

Live & Loud KL: Morrison

Live & Loud KL 07: Acoustic

AWESOME ! AWESOME ! AWESOME ! This is my first time attending to an acoustic concert and it’s definitely not the last. Live & Loud KL: Acoustic consisted of Dayang Nurfaizah, Rick Price and James Morrison. The show started in that very order with Dayang…


How To: Change a flat tyre

So what do you do when you have a flat tyre ? Call David “What the hell man, why are the other two just standing around ?” Just if you didn’t know this is Bernard’s car All i did was stand there and took photos,…