Meet the Parents: Weird moments

The last time I wrote about my first encounter with dolphin’s parents were many moons back and if you haven’t read or can’t recall the main subject of that particular meet was her pet Husky! Though it was Malu-ation for me but over the months…

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Mistaken Gender

Before leaving work, i thought of getting myself some kuih since i was going to be in the jam for 40minutes. So i went to the canteen. Bang, yang ini berapa ? *points at the karipap* (Brother, how much is this?) Saya ini Kak ler…

A hole

I was on my way for a meeting with the supervisor and manager when i realized a small thread dangling a few inches below the zip of my pants. I decided to yank the bugger off before entering the meeting room. Little did i know,…

Eating the unborn ducky

The Chronicles of Cambodia 6: Eating the embryo

I am finally BACK ! I am BACK blogging. Curse facebook and twitter for taking up my blogging time, LOL. Anyway i am back here to finish off my Cambodia entries with the second last entry which is basically the 2nd last day in Siem…

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Your roti canai is ready

Krispy Kreme gave away free doughnuts at Times Square yesterday While having lunch at Old Town Kopitiam, i took Angeline’s ipod and started punching in reminders which would come in play for what i have installed for her while she waits to board her flight….