Group Photo @ LCCT

The Chronicles of Cambodia 1 – Food in Phnom Penh

The long awaited trip was finally here and to be frank i was more scared than excited. Imagine having the responsibility to make sure all six others were taken care off but at the same time enjoy the planned backpacking experience. I had request from…

Cambodia - I am back !

Back from the Killing Fields

I am finally back ! My head hurts … My arms and legs are aching … … but my stomach is FULL. Full with good nutritious Cambodian food, hehehe. Simply love their bread and pork ! I have tonnes of things to do but so…

All right !

Nuffnang = Cambodia

I am finally back! Well let me say that i am very excited to see what 2009  have installed for me. In slightly more than a week from now, i will be off to Cambodia for 6 days with 6 friends of mine and that…

bang wall

Friday feels like Monday

For some reason, i got up thinking today was Monday I am sure most of you are still away for holidays. You lucky donkeihhhhs, LOL

let's go home

Short Holiday

Salam Aidil Fitri to whoever is celebrating Time for Open House Everyone is either back at their hometown or off to somewhere for a holiday and here i am, stuck in my room for the whole week. I had the option of returning home and…