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Mistaken Gender

Before leaving work, i thought of getting myself some kuih since i was going to be in the jam for 40minutes. So i went to the canteen. Bang, yang ini berapa ? *points at the karipap* (Brother, how much is this?) Saya ini Kak ler…

Malaysian Dream Girl

Malaysian Dream Girl: First guy to audition

Last weekend i was at the final audition for Malaysian Dream Girl and boy did i feel short ! Girls were all towering me from all angles >.<! LOL I would dive into the details of the audition once i am back from Cambodia. As…


Malu-ation at KLIA

I was on my way back from Penang after having a one week break to distress myself and just as i stepped back into KL, i was stressed out all over again.

bang wall

Now everyone can fly and sleep

I am pretty sure most of you are familiar with the announcements made on a plane prior to departing and landing. One good example would be, “Ladies and gentleman please fasten your seatbelt as we are about to takeoff/land”. Its so common that everyone knows…

I am famous

Happy Birthday Bernard ! Today as i was walking, i could see from afar a group of people charging towards me and shouting all sort of names they could think of to me. Satkuruuuuuuuu !!!! Kuruuuuuuuu ! Satttttt !!!!! @_@ Yeah yeah ??? Dunguuuuuuuu !!!!…