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Your roti canai is ready

Krispy Kreme gave away free doughnuts at Times Square yesterday While having lunch at Old Town Kopitiam, i took Angeline’s ipod and started punching in reminders which would come in play for what i have installed for her while she waits to board her flight….


Zorbing away at Titiwangsa

F1 was crazy last night. It was soooo short ! but the excitement  was over the roof when the cars stopped in the middle of the road ! LOL … and as for EPL, Machedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! What a curler ! The battle of the last…


Malaysian Dream Girls: Catwalk

I have been updating less and less on my blog because i am just too tied up with my thesis writing as well as Malaysian Dream Girl, lol. The ridiculously slow internet connection just isn’t helping either. Anyway i finally got my photogallery up and…

Garden Cafe @ One U

Garden Cafe 1 Utama

More than a month back, i was in 1 Utama trying to get myself a pair of Puteri Gunung Ledang tickets when i came across this place. At one glance it reminded me of Full House in Niu Ze Xui. Jess and Steven were with…

Goof-ed up William

A Moment with Your Kakiis

Two more days to the dateline and here i am trying out ‘A moment with your Kakiis’. I should have done it quite some time back but because i have been away from my notebook most of the time, i finally have the chance to…