Bears waiting for their owners

MMU Convocation 2009

Last weekend was the 10th convocation for MMU and i was there busy kaypo-ing on the 1st and 2nd day. For the 1st day i was there to see Steven and on the 2nd day i was there to see Lih Ren. This time around,…

Seatbelts, finally

Rear Seat Belt Compliance

I simply heart Penang food; Char Koay Teow, Laksa, Ais Kacang, Balik Pulau Durians … It has been a while since i have updated my blog but trust me, i have tonnes to write and i am just waiting to get back to KL to…

Goof-ed up William

A Moment with Your Kakiis

Two more days to the dateline and here i am trying out ‘A moment with your Kakiis’. I should have done it quite some time back but because i have been away from my notebook most of the time, i finally have the chance to…

Mortar Board in the Sky

MMU Convocation 2008

So last weekend was MMU’s convocation and i was there to help photograph for William. I reached the Grand Hall close to 12.30pm which was when the graduates will be allowed to leave. The place wasn’t as pack as previous years where part of the…

Enchanted Night 08

MMU Enchanted Night 2008 @ Marriot Putrajaya was quite disappointing @_@ That’s the only thing that i can say about last Sunday’s prom night. The food was terrible, the deco was out and somehow i felt there was no flow in terms of the program….