Goof-ed up William

A Moment with Your Kakiis

Two more days to the dateline and here i am trying out ‘A moment with your Kakiis’. I should have done it quite some time back but because i have been away from my notebook most of the time, i finally have the chance to…

Genting Trailblazer

Genting Trailblazer 2008

I am finally back … back in the blogging world, LOL. I have so much to write but so little time to do so. When i eventually have the time, i am either hibernating like a bear or in front of my tv. Can’t wait…

Fish fish fish

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honour

Miss Pam Song, i know ler my score like cow only hahahaha. And how does playing more computer games gonna help me ler ? Come come teach me can ? Not too long back i tried playing this fishing game by Hong Leong which was…


Glory glory Man United !

I just couldn’t help it Probably the most nail biting match to date ! Manchester United Champions of England and Champions of Europe ! Yeah it’s a super short update and i have lost my voice @_@” P/S: Sivanesh thanks for the ride

SO Bday Bash 08

Shout Out’s Birthday Bash

It has been 2 years since ShoutOut existed and this time around Lasker and Elise decided to throw in a buffet dinner for all us. We were all overjoyed, so we did the next best thing …. we jumped -_-” And it carried on like…