Beowulf sucked and Scattergories

What is your name? Satkuru 4 letter word: Soup Vehicle: Subaru City: San Francisco Guy’s Name: Simon Girl Name: Sarah Alcoholic drink: Sex on the beach -_-” Something you wear: Sneaker Occupation: Secretary Celebrity: Simon Cowell Food: Sushi Something found in a bathroom: Soap Reason…


Photo Tag

1) The Most Recent Picture Of You The picture was taken recently when i was playing squash with Bernard and Weng Chong 2) A picture of you making a peace sign: Don’t have -_-” 3) A picture of you with a friend: I realized i…

The reason why i blog

The Reason Why I Blog

  Initially my ex-room mate, dranreb told me he purchased a lump of space from a server over in the US and asked if i would like some of it. I always wanted to run my own domain name, so was created. I never…


Time Machine – 1994

It has been a while since i have blogged let alone surf the net. While blog hopping, i realized i was tagged by WuChing He wants to know if i had a time machine which year of my life would i like to return to….


My Desktop

I got tagged by Wendy. At first i thought of taking a break on tagging but this is different. Because it doesn’t involve much typing ! So what am i suppose to do ? I am suppose to show how my desktop looks like Here…